New proposed adjustments to the 2015 Evansville city budget

Evansville City Controller, Russ Lloyd, has sent to City Council a new list of adjustments to the 2015 budget.

The budget was originally submitted to council on August 18.

Mayor Winnecke's office agreed to cut $2.7 million but council wanted another $600,000 in cuts.

So he went back to city departments to see if any more cuts could be made.

The revised budget reflects $2.8 million in cuts but council president, John Friend, says that's still not enough.

Friend says he's done a study of the past 32 months that shows the city's payments have been on average more than $400,000 than is being brought in each month.

Click here to review the list of budget adjustments.

Council is scheduled to vote on the budget October 27.  Must be approved by November 3.

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