Illinois 6-year-old saves mom by calling 911, gets award

Illinois 6-year-old saves mom by calling 911

WAYNE CO., IL (WFIE) - A 6-year-old Illinois boy was awarded for saving his mom who was having an asthma attack.

The White County Sheriff's Office and Illinois FOP presented Landon Garrison a Certificate of Commendation after he called 911 when he saw his mom was having an asthma attack, wasn't breathing, and fading fast.

Landon's mom, Jenny, blacked out and woke up with paramedics around her.

" I saw that she was coughing and she was gasping for air," says Landon. " My mom taught me to call 911 and I do have a cell phone."

"He stayed with me the whole time and he let the first responders in. Told them what was going on. He saved my life," says Landon's mom, Jenny Deaton.

The award was for his outstanding work in calling 911 that resulted in lifesaving efforts for his mom.

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