Successful pumpkin season

Indiana pumpkins bigger and better this season

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - With Halloween around the corner, that means its time for pumpkin carving and you may notice that pumpkins are bigger and heavier.

That's all thanks to good weather conditions last spring and summer.

Paul Mayse has been growing pumpkins for years at Mayse Farm Market.

He said they're the hardest and most expensive fruit to grow. In order for pumpkins to flourish, they need a lot of rain in summer and a dry fall.

Mayse says you can expect to see pumpkins that weigh up to 25 pounds this year, "The people this year thought the pumpkins this year look really great. They've got a really good size, nice handles, and the yield out there has been really good. I've seen people walk by beautiful pumpkins and get the ugliest pumpkin on the farm, and that's what they want. It really depends on the person."

Mayse said there are two more weeks left of pumpkin season.

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