Deer on the move - drivers watch out!

Deer on the move - drivers watch out!

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and local law enforcement are reminding drivers to keep an eye out for deer.

The number of deer-vehicle collisions go up during the last three months of the year due to the fall crop harvest and mating season.

Drivers are more likely to see deer in the hours near sunrise and sunset.

To improve your safety on the road, the KYTC suggests:

  • Always wear a seat belt
  • Drive defensively, constantly scanning the roadside
  • Slow down immediately when you spot a deer
  • Don't swerve to avoid a deer.  Stay in your lane
  • In the event of a crash, keep both hands on the wheel and brake downslowlyy
  • Report any deer collision, even if the damage is minor

Kentucky crash numbers for 2013 indicated there were 14 deer-related crashes with serious injuries but no fatalities.

Hopkins County ranked third in deer-vehicle crashes statewide in 2013.  Henderson county was fifth.

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