Owensboro business doing its part to help downtown revitalization

Owensboro business doing its part to help downtown revitalization

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation says businesses on the fringe of downtown Owensboro are helping with the city's growth.

Business owners and area entrepreneurs are reviving what they call eyesores and putting in newer and nicer establishments.

Co-owner of Center Stage Bar and Grill on Second Street, Chris Parker, says before they opened the city told him they needed to fix up the place.

Parker says it used to be a biker bar, so he's fighting a lot of stereotypes but says now it's a lot better.

He says he knows the downtown district is growing and it's the whole reason why he opened up where he did.

"We want to be part of downtown, where people are close enough, where people can walk, if they stay at the hotel, they can walk down here, but then again, we're far enough away from downtown, where if you don't want to be downtown, you're still not downtown," says Parker.

"Those kinds of projects are important, they are a noble effort in the revitalization of not just of downtown, but of Owensboro," says Joe Berry, VP of Entrepreneurship at the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation.

Parker says he's spent $50,000 to renovate the bar and says he's not done yet.

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