Text to 911 up and running in Dubois Co.

Text to 911 up and running in Dubois Co.

DUBOIS CO., IN (WFIE) - The Dubois County Communications Center now has text to 911 service.

Officials say calling 911 is still best, but there are some people who need to use text to 911 to get help.

If a person is deaf, hearing or speech impaired, they should use the text to 911 service.

If someone is otherwise unable to speak due a medical condition, or if speaking would be unsafe for the caller, they should use text to 911.

Callers who use text to 911 need to state their problem and exact location in the initial text.

Authorities say don't use slang or abbreviations.

Just like dialing 911, text to 911 should only be used for emergency situations.

Also some cellular carriers might not offer the service at this time.

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