Victims of dog attack speak out exclusively to 14News

Victims of dog attack speak out exclusively to 14News

Neighbors say they are recovering from their injuries and just thankful everyone is alive after a scary dog attack Tuesday.

Brenda Wadsworth and Kristen Hampton heard the screams of their neighbor yesterday afternoon and rushed over to help.

Both women were bitten after trying to get five dogs to stop attacking their owner.

Brenda and Kristen say the dogs started attacking a puppy, and the owner jumped in to try and save it.

That's when the dogs turned on her.

Brenda and Kristen says the owner had close to 10 puncture wounds and ended up with over 40 stitches.

" Total chaos.  Five big dogs in that backyard.  And trying to help her and she's worried about the puppy.  We got her out.  Sad about the puppy but at least she's alive," says Brenda Wadsworth.

" When I walked in there, all I heard was her screaming," says Kristin Hampton.  " All I kept hearing was, 'They're biting me.  Help me!"

Now those neighbors who rushed over to help are credited with saving the owner's life.  Animal control officials say the five dogs will be quarantined for 10 days.  When that's up, they will be released back to their owner since the dogs have never bitten anyone before.

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