Vectren apologizes for billing issue

Vectren apologizes for billing issue

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Thousands of Vectren customers are opening their bills, only to see they owe an enormous amount of money.

Vectren is apologizing for a mistake they say they made, but tell 14NEWS customers still owe that money.

Vectren says, some customers are seeing an increase of $250 or more.

They say they under-estimated the usage for 7,000 customers during the summer months.

That means their bills were lower at the time, but once Vectren figured out there was a problem, they began charging those customers for the amount of energy they really used during the summer months making the current bill extra high.

Vectren is blaming the issue on a former vendor, but they are apologizing for the mistake.

For customers who are affected, they are just wondering how they are going to pay their bills.

Some are asking local agencies for help.

"I called my Mom and she said I need to get a disconnect notice so I can get help from different places," said Alyssa Boyles. "When I was on the phone with that lady, she said I would get a disconnect noticed and that I would get it October 14. I haven't received that yet, which I still can't get help for my bill."

Vectren released a statement to 14NEWS that reads:

"Please know steps are in place to ensure this won't be repeated again, including correcting the artificially-low estimated bill calculation and quickly onboarding a new meter reading vendor to minimize the number of estimated reads in the future."

The statement also says the company is providing customers with payment options, with no interest and no fees.

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