Bat tests positive for rabies in Evansville

Bat tests positive for rabies in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Vanderburgh County Health Department says a bat that bit a University of Evansville student has tested positive for rabies.

The student found the bat was in distress and tried to save it when she was bitten this past weekend.

The health department reminds people not to handle wild animals because rabies can be deadly in humans.

"We do have to be very observant. We are in a country here, in the country we do have those kinds of animals that do carry the rabies virus," said Jane Cunningham.

Any dead or hurt wild animal should reported to Evansville Animal Care and Control at 435-6015.

Health officials say dog and ferret owners should check with their vet to make sure their pet has a valid rabies vaccine.

If not, they should be vaccinated right away.

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