Name of Fall Festival booth turning heads

Name of Fall Festival booth turning heads

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - One booth at the Fall Festival is raising some questions about their name.

Booth #5 is already turning heads for their pork brain sandwiches, but also for their name "ISIS Temple Patrol Brain Booth."

Booth organizers tells 14News their name and organization have been around for 84 years.

They use the name "ISIS" to represent an Egyptian goddess.

The organization donates millions to Shriner's hospitals for children every year.

Jean Rickard says they covered up the ISIS part on their booth because people were asking so many questions.

Jeans say she hopes people don't honestly think their Fall Festival booth is connected to the terrorist group in the Middle East.

" We've been ISIS temple for 84 years.  We have nothing to do with those people and we tell everybody that.  In fact, the one place that it says that on our booth, I covered it up," says Jean Rickard.

The booth has been coming to the Fall Festival for 28 years.  They sell 1,600 pounds of pork brain sandwiches every year.

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