President Obama to visit Tri-State today

Team coverage of presidential visit

We're covering all angles of President Obama's arrival inEvansville and visit to Princeton this morning. We'll have team coverage beginning with Deanna Allbrittin live atTri-State Aero at Evansville Regional Airport where the President and Air ForceOne are expected later today.  HillarySimon will have more on the President's trip to Northwestern yesterday and thebusiness in Gibson County he'll be visiting.

Ebola threat

An NBC cameraman working in West Africa has contracted theEbola virus.  The latest developments arecoming up on Sunrise.

Big temp change

The 80s are out, and today we're looking at a high of 69degrees.  It will be a cold start to theweekend with some parts of the Tri-State looking at a possibility of upper 30sSaturday morning.  Expect a high in theupper 50s Saturday and then we're back to the 70s Sunday.  Eric Garlick is in for Byron.  His complete forecast is ahead on Sunrise.

Fall fest safety, setup

The 93rd Annual West Side Nut ClubFall Festival is just a few days away, and West Franklin Street is starting tolook festive.  Rides are already set upon the West Library Lawn.  We'll show youhow things are looking and have an update on safety precautions that are inplace.

Half Marathon time

Today is the final day to register for theEvansville Half Marathon.  The racebegins at 7 a.m. Saturday and will follow a new route, beginning and endingalong the Riverfront.

We hope you'll join us this Friday for Sunrise!