Voices of Elmwood Returns

You can learn a lot about history by visiting a place where people go to remember the past.

All this month, the Owensboro Museum of Science and History is giving tours of one of the community's most historic cemeteries.

Organizers say more than 100 people gathered at Elmwood cemetery this evening for the first night of the Voices of Elmwood Tour.

Actors will be bringing back to life the stories of ten people who are buried in the cemetery.

Audiences will hear about different people from Rube Sands, the owner of the first public swimming pool in Owensboro to Joseph Coleman Dawson, a veteran police officer who was killed in the line of duty in the 1900s.

Some performers say they develop a personal connection with the person they portray.

"My favorite part about my role is just kind of the emotional range that she has. She's fun and flirty. She's also very tragic towards the end," said Lauren Calhoun, actress playing Mattie Paul.

Organizers say the event sells out every year. For more information on reservations, prices, and schedules you can go to http://www.owensboromuseum.org/ or call 270-687-2732.

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