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Botox Warning After Patients Get Sick

Four people who got botox injections are now critically ill.

And the Florida Department of Health confirms three of them tested positive for botulism, a severe and paralyzing disease. Investigators suspect the clinic was using an unlicensed botox knock-off.

A local dermatologist says that could have been avoided if only those patients would have checked to find out if the clinic was board certified in dermatology. And Dr. Jeffrey Moore also says botox should only be administered in a clinic, not a salon or someone's living room.

And finally, patients have to make sure they're getting the real thing. Dr. Moore says, "If someone is going to inject a medicine into your body, you have every right to know exactly what that is. Don't be hesitant to ask, 'where is this coming from? what is it? can I see the bottle?' I'm never hesitant to allow patients to see that we are using FDA approved botox."

Dr Moore says anyone selling botox for less than two hundred dollars per injection is likely cutting corners.

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