VIRAL VIDEO: Twins delighted by police car, officer visit

VIRAL VIDEO: Twins delighted by police car, officer visit

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - It's been a big birthday week for Frank and Oliver Gratzer who turn three Wednesday.

It started Monday when they got home from daycare and saw a police car right across the street.

Their mom says the twins love everything on wheels, so their dad did what any dad would do, "He hurried them inside so they could watch from the front door. And he got his phone out and started taping so I could see it," said Harmony Grazter.

Harmony loved the video, and thought her family and friends would too, so she posted it to Facebook.

The comments and shares are still coming.

The clip has almost 4,000 likes on the 14News Facebook page.

"It's just amazing. We didn't expect this kind of attention. I just wanted to show my boys off cause they're so cute and fun and didn't really expect it to go viral," said Harmony.

On Tuesday, yet another surprise for the twins.  A visit from the officer in the video.

Mike Sitzman is a 28-year-veteran of the Evansville Police Department.

Officer Sitzman had stopped someone for not wearing a seat belt Monday, when he realized he had an audience.

"I ran across these two little boys that were up in the front door just kind of glued to the front door watching everything that was going on," said Sitzman.

He had no idea the twins' dad was rolling when he walked up to say 'Hi'.

All the attention has been shocking and humbling for Officer Sitzman.

"Thanks for the nice compliments, but it's the same thing that each and every one of us do on a daily basis, and that doesn't make me any more special than the rest of 'em," said Sitzman.

"It's that kind of kindness to people every day that, how you build a good reputation and how you really serve the people that you're supposed to serve," said Harmony.

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