Evans School students tour Seaton Harvest plantation

Evans School students tour Seaton Harvest plantation

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Some students in 3rd grade class at Evans School get to learn first-hand where some of the produce they eat is coming from.

The kids took a trip to Seaton Harvest plantation Wednesday.

They were able to pick vegetables, plant seeds, and find out about health and nutrition.

Teacher Tracie Stafford and Franklin Street Bazaar's Karen Conaway came up with the idea to have local farmers donate food to the class.

"A lot of the fruits and vegetables that they brought into my classroom, the children had never been exposed to before. It's just opened their eyes, and the cooking skills. They had never had raw green beans or actually seen them cooked", said Stafford.

The kids were also treated to a farm-to-table lunch during their visit to the plantation.

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