Cloverleaf groundbreaking

Cloverleaf groundbreaking

The groundbreaking for a major construction project at Highway 41 and the Lloyd Expressway is scheduled for today.  Deanna Allbrittin is live at Sunrise to explain more about the new cloverleaf design that will be built.

October calendar, summer weather

We should have another day with temperatures into the mid-80s.  But, rain may be on its way to the Tri-State.  We can also expect cooler temperatures by the time the weekend rolls around.  Meteorologist Byron Douglas has our complete forecast.

Half marathon traffic

Runners participating in the Evansville Half Marathon will try out a brand new course this year.  The route starts and ends along the riverfront.  The story, ahead on Sunrise.

Twin internet stars

Twin boys from Evansville are enjoying some time in the spotlight.  Thousands have liked or shared a video of them watching, and then meeting, and Evansville police officer.  This morning, hear from that officer in the video and the mother of the boys.

Hope you'll join us on this Wednesday!