Teen says he was suspended for standing up to bully

ELMWOOD PARK, IL (WBBM) - A student in Elwood Park, Illinois says he was suspended for standing up to a bully.

Mark Rivera says all he did was sit down with a bully and have a conversation.

Rivera says when he walked away the bully made some comments, so he turned back and took a step forward.

School officials say that's a form of physical aggression, which means automatic suspension.

Rivera's friends are on his side.

"He shouldn't be getting in trouble for defending so everyone was like good job mark," said Norberto Romero, student.

"It woulda been a bad thing it I waited, so I feel like I did the right thing took the right step towards it," Mark Rivera, student.

The school's principal would not comment on this specific case but said some students have good intentions, it's just the way they go about it can become a problem if it involves threats.

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