Blight Elimination Program meeting to address concerns

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A public meeting on Evansville's Blight Elimination Program was held on Wednesday.

Officials and public leaders met with residents to explain the specifics of the Blight Elimination program and address some concerns.

This final public meeting was required by Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority to get the grant started.

That state grant is nearly $1.7 million to demolish decaying and abandoned homes from the inner west side of Evansville, all the way to the south east side.

Officials say 83 properties were approved to be torn down.

Kelly Coures with Metropolitan Development says some of the properties scheduled to be torn down near Kerth and New York, have caused some controversy.

He says that's due to the possibility of D Patrick Ford car dealership purchasing some of the land where these are scheduled to be removed.

"Well the controversy seems to stem around the possibility that D Patrick, as part of the city offer to purchase their land for the IU med school, that D Patrick could purchase the land where those homes are being removed.  But at this time they aren't a program partner and there's been no sale made at this time, that's still just a possibility," says Coures.

Coures says the first group of homes in the Blight Elimination program could be torn down as early as November.

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