Zach Harris back at school, work

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - He's known to many as a "west side celebrity".

In January, doctors diagnosed USI student Zach Harris, who has cerebral palsy, with leukemia.

He spent months in the hospital going through chemotherapy

Now, we've learned Zack is in remission and is back to his usual routine.

As a face of Easter Seals and assistant coach of the Evansville Enforcers football team, he's well-known around the community.

When Zach shared that he had cancer, thousands showed their support on the 'Stay Strong Zach Harris' Facebook page.

Now, a healthier Zach is saying thank you, "All that support and my great friends and family that I have, it just made the whole process so much easier. It was definitely tough. It was definitely challenging. Something that I'll never forget and I hope nobody else I know, or anybody for that matter, has to go through something like that."

Zach has also returned to work with the USI radio and television station.

He says he hopes his story inspires others to never give up.

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