Vet charged with cruelty after dead animals found

DOLTON, IL (AP) - Misdemeanor animal cruelty charges were filed against a suburban Chicago veterinarian and an employee after authorities found emaciated and dead animals at the vet's office, Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart announced Tuesday.

Dr. Amardeep Sangha, 54, of Naperville and Sharon Cargile, 59, of Chicago were also charged with misdemeanor violation of owner's duties.

The charges came after a police officer found four dead dogs at the Dolton Animal Hospital on Sunday when he brought a stray to the facility.

The officer also found nine dogs and one cat in "various stages of emaciation, authorities said. Cages also lacked food and water and were covered in waste.

County animal control officers removed deceased and living animals from the privately-run facility. At least two of the animals had owners.

No employees were at the facility at the time the violations were discovered. Sangha didn't return telephone calls for comment on the charges.

It wasn't immediately known if he or Cargile has legal representation.

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