A new look for an old bell

Central High School bell
Central High School bell

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Central High School's old bell is getting a facelift.

The bell has been at the school for years and over time it had become worn and rusty.

Central Athletic Director Andy Owen took it down for a makeover.

The bell will be blast down to bare metal.

Then, the powder coating will be applied electrostatically and the bell cured in an oven.

"We get a lot of pieces that are just family heirlooms that have been somewhere for sometimes over a century and once we blast everything down, you're really able to see the detail on it and really see things that have just been dormant for however many decades," says Justin LaGrange, One-Stop Powder Coating.

The new bell will be unveiled Friday night at Central's homecoming football game.

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