Children found living in filth

CHESTERFIELD CO., VA (WTVR/CNN) - A pregnant mother in eastern Virginia is facing charges after police say they found her children living in filth.

Officers say they found a four-month-old and a one-year-old living in unsafe conditions.

A housemate says the home is infested with cockroaches and fleas, and she says there is animal waste on the floor.

"The filth was up to your ankles. There was dog dookie in here that's white. And dog dookie don't get white unless it's sat for a long time," said Natasha Gray, housemate.

The mom is facing several charges, including felony child endangerment, child neglect and assault and battery of a family member.

She is now out on bond.

Neighbors say the woman's kids are now staying with other family members.

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