Website can give crooks a key to your front door

When it comes to making copies of keys, usually people go to their local hardware store to have it done. Now there is a website that needs only a clear picture of the key from your smart phone to make an exact replica.

The website is called The new technology scans the image and analyzes the grooves. A machine then cuts out a new key from the picture taken and sends it to you in the mail. No ID is needed and it only costs 6 dollars.

The issue with this website is anyone can send in a picture of your key. This allows the possibility of thieves taking a picture of your keys without you knowing, and sending it to the website giving them quick access to your house. Without needing to show an ID, anyone is able to have a spare key made.

Police are urging people to keep your keys out of site to make it more difficult for crooks to get a picture of your keys.

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