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VCSO investigating rape allegation near USI

Alleged sexual assault near USI Alleged sexual assault near USI

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department is investigating an alleged sexual assault near the USI campus.

The attack happened on August 26 but was reported on September 19.

According to the Sheriff's Department, the student claims she was running through a park near USI when a man came out of the woods and grabbed her.

She says she ended up blacking out and when she came to her pants were around her ankles.

The report says the attacker did not use a weapon or make threats to kill the woman.

She says she did not get a look at the man but says he was white, 6-feet-tall, average weight with a black hoodie covering his face.

The Sheriff's Department says the incident is under investigation and no other cases have been reported.

Sheriff Wedding urges everyone to always be careful of their surroundings, and if you ever go for a run on isolated trails, it's always best to go with a friend or in a group. It lowers your risk of a crime happening.

He says that in no way did this girl do anything wrong. These are just tips to make yourself safer and aware. 

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