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Buschon makes a stop in Huntingburg


U.S. Congressman Larry Buschon spoke with constituents in Huntingburg on Monday.

The congressman talked about what congress is working on for the rest of the year as well as looking ahead to after the election.

Buschon is up for re-election in November and he faces Democrat Tom Spangler and third -party candidate Andy Horning in the election.

Buschon told the audience congress is trying to do as much as they can to stop the terror group ISIS.

He also answered questions about the economy and talked about helping get workers the skills they need to get jobs.

"I think the economic message here in Huntingburg is how do we get people to fill the jobs that are available?" Buschon said. "How do we get them the skill that they need? Also, make people aware there are jobs out there and they can certainly get those."

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