Wife saves husband from house fire

Wife saves husband from house fire
Wife saves husband from fire
Wife saves husband from fire

NAPLES, FL (WBBH) - A 68-year-old Florida woman found strength she didn't know she had.. saving her disabled husband from their burning home.

The couple lost everything but each other in the blaze.

Gerry and Clark Simmons were napping last Sunday afternoon when they heard their dogs barking.

Gerry says they woke to flames 5-feet high.

Clark couldn't move because his broken hip gave way, so Gerry picked him up and carried him to the door.

They had some burns and bruises, but they were alive.

The couple lost their home, their car and their two dogs

Gerry says she knows she saved her husband's life but she's not the real hero.

"The dogs saved our lives. Because we would have all been asleep under the covers," says Gerry.

"I don't know if animals go to heaven, but these two will. I think they're probably going to make it," says Clark.

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