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Smoke fills cabin of Jet Blue flight

Smoke fills cabin of Jet Blue flight Smoke fills cabin of Jet Blue flight

It's one thing to hear about the masks that will fall down from the ceiling should there be a problem on your flight. It's quite another to have to use one.

It happened Thursday to 147 people on board Jet Blue Flight 1416 from Long Beach, California to Austin, Texas.

A few minutes after take off, smoke filled the cabin. Passengers began grabbing for oxygen.

Something was wrong with the plane's right engine.

Passengers reported hearing an explosion then smoke quickly filled the cabin.

Once on the ground, passengers jumped down the evacuation chutes.

"My son who was handicapped had to roll down and tumble down and a nice man caught him," Laura Andreasen, passenger.

As fire crews moved in, passengers said when they were in the air they weren't sure they'd make it.

"There were points where I brought out my phone trying to call parents and say, hey, you know this could be it."

"I just had a son so the only thing I could really think about was my son. So I'd probably say it was the best feeling I've probably had in my life to date, yeah," said Sean Maloney, passenger.

In all, 4 people were treated for minor injuries.

Jet Blue says it's still investigating what went wrong.

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