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Buckle causes lane closures on northbound I-65

Buckle causes lane closures on northbound I-65

Kentucky officials say a 40-foot-long buckle in the pavement has caused lane closures on Interstate 65 near Elizabethtown in central Kentucky.

State Transportation Cabinet spokesman Chris Jessie says the road sank in the center lane of northbound I-65 where the pavement cracked.

Transportation officials were notified of the problem early Friday.

He says all northbound lanes were temporarily closed just north of Elizabethtown. One lane was soon reopened but two lanes remain closed.

Tens of thousands of vehicles travel northbound on that section of I-65 daily.

With traffic volumes increasing during the day, transportation officials are urging northbound motorists to consider using a signed alternate route at Exit 93 to rejoin the interstate at exit 105 at Lebanon Junction.

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