Factory fire

Factory fire

Several firefighters werecalled to the scene of a small blaze at a factory in Muhlenberg County.  We'll have details ahead on Sunrise.

Kristy Kelley's family speaks out

This morning we're hearing from the father ofBoonville mother Kristy Kelley, whose body was found earlier this week in aWarrick County lake.

Sunshine later

Eric Garlick says we're starting off the daywarmer with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s across theTri-State.  Expect sunshine thisafternoon.  His complete forecast iscoming up.

New Harmony's Kunstfest

New Harmony plans to celebrate 2014 Kunstfestwith even more fanfare.  They're hopingfor big crowds this weekend!  We'll havemore info about the event.

Those stories and many more are coming up onSunrise! We hope you'll join us.