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Kristy Kelley search comes to an end

Kristy Kelley search comes to an end

The month-long search for missing Boonville motherKristy Kelley is now over.  Kelley's bodywas found Tuesday.  We have newinformation coming up on Sunrise.

Boil order for Jasper

People in Jasper and the Ireland area are being told to boiltheir water this morning.  Hillary Simonhas new details on why and what the water department is doing to fix theproblem.

Roberts Park plans

We have a sneak peek coming up of new plans for the proposedRoberts Park in Evansville. 

Chilly & foggy

Meteorologist Eric Garlick says to be on the lookout fordense fog this morning.  He'll tell usabout dense fog advisories in place for some parts of the Tri-State.  Temps should reach the low to mid 70s latertoday with sunshine moving in. 

Car seat safety

It's National Child Passenger Safety Week.  Deanna Allbrittin is live this morning togive us the rundown on how to keep kids safe in the car.

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