14NEWS Exclusive: Surveillance video from gas station during officer-involved shooting released

14NEWS has obtained exclusive surveillance video from the Marathon gas station where an officer-involved shooting took place early Sunday morning.

Officers say the shooting started with a fight in front of the gas station before two suspect began shooting at each other.

An officer close by heard the shots, went into action, exchanged gun shots, and chased a man around the side of the building and into the alley way.

We're told the officer fired 11 shots and was not hurt.

Terronta Booker was taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police aren't sure if those gunshot wounds came from the officer or the other suspect, 27-year-old David Simpson.

Simpson was arrested and is charged with aggravated battery and criminal recklessness.

The manager of Marathon, Bhupinder Singh, says there's been a lot of activity around his store recently.

"It's not really shocking because I'm used to it now," said Singh. "It's very shocking when somebody shoots here."

It's police protocol the officer involved is off for the next few days.

His name is expected to be released on Wednesday.

Police also expect to charge Booker when he is released from the hospital.

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