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Taking a Stand: Kenergy reviews restoration plan

My name is Renee Beasley Jones, and I'm proud to work at Kenergy. 

The cooperative regularly reviews its Emergency Restoration Plan, which is our Bible for turning the lights back on after a large-scale event, such as an earthquake.   

To ensure our preparedness, we conduct round-table discussions, attend Local Emergency Planning Committee meetings and conduct drills to test parts of the plan.

Preparedness is one of Kenergy's top priorities. 

How about you?  Are you prepared for a disaster?

Kenergy coined the phrase "The First 72 Is on You." 

It means be prepared to spend at least 72 hours without essential services.  

Remember these tips:
• Store one gallon of water per person per day. A two-week supply is recommended.
• Keep a two-week supply of nonperishable food.  
• Candles cause fires! Use a flashlight.
• Store extra batteries.
• Buy a hand-cranked or battery-operated radio.
• Cell phones can charge in your car, and they have nifty alarm-clock features.
• Keep extra cash on hand.
• Don't open refrigerator or freezer doors during an outage unless necessary. 

If someone in your home depends on electricity to power life-sustaining equipment, invest in a generator or plan in advance for an alternative place to stay during outages. 

Remember, the First 72 Is on You.
At Kenergy, we hope your power never goes out, but be prepared in case it does.

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