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Family and friends of missing Evansville mom raising money for reward



Family and friends of a missing Evansville mother are refusing to give up hope. They're now raising money for a reward in the search for 30-year-old Joelle Lockwood. 


Since Joelle Lockwood disappeared, people have been using the Facebook page "Help Find Joelle" to set up search parties and share new developments. So far, they've gotten few leads.

That's why they're raising money for a reward and pleading with the public to report anything and everything. 

It's been 55 days since Joelle Lockwood disappeared, and her mother Candace Lockwood says they still have no clue what happened to her. 

"We won't give up looking for Joelle," Candace says.

Those closest to her say they believe people aren't coming forward with what they know, which is making the investigation more difficult. 

"It really hurts to know that there's people out there who know where she's at, and they're not saying," Amanda Crowe, Joelle's friend, says.

They're begging anyone with any piece of information, big or small, to share it so Joelle and her children can be reunited. 

"They need to see their mommy again, just as much as I need to see my daughter," Candace says.

"If you've got good information, give it so that we can bring her home," Crowe says.

Now, through an online fundraiser, they're raising money for a reward.

"At this point, we've gotta try anything. If some money will help someone talk to tell where Joelle's at, then it's absolutely worth it," Crowe says.

No matter what happens, her family and friends say they're staying positive and preparing for the day they're reunited with Joelle. 

"[I'll] give her a giant hug and reunite her with her children immediately," Crowe says.

"When I see her, I'm going to tell her how much I love her," Candace says.

For more information on the search for Joelle or to find out how you can help by donating or volunteering, visit the Facebook page.

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