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Warrick Humane Society sends pets to Kentucky for SNIP Clinic

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Thanks to a busy Labor Day weekend and lots of adoptions, the Warrick Humane Society has a lot of empty kennels and they want to keep it that way.

Executive Director Lindsey Byers says adoption is one way to keep their facility from getting too full, but spaying and neutering pets is even more critical. 

Byers says she knows the price tag can scare some owners away. That's why they started a partnership with the Kentucky Humane Society. 

"It may not be that difficult of a decision if they can do it for a lower cost," Byers says. "Rather than, "Okay I have a $300 Vectren bill this month, $42 isn't that bed instead of $150 at a vet."

In addition to their own clinic for low-income clients, they now send pets to the low-cost SNIP Clinic in Lousville on the first Tuesday of every month. Anyone's dog can be spayed or neutered for a third to a fifth of the cost. However, unlike the low-cost clinic WHS has offered since 2011, you don't have to provide any proof of income for the SNIP clinic. And even though it is provided through the Warrick Humane Society, you don't have to live in Warrick County to register your dog. 

To continue the partnership and keep the low-cost clinic service, the Warrick Humane Society has to register at least 20 pets each month.

To ensure your pet has a spot, you have to register and pre-pay at least a week before each transport. For the October 7th SNIP Clinic trip, that means you have to stop by the Warrick Humane Society on or before Tuesday September 30th.

The clinic costs $42 for male cats and $52 for females. It's also $52 dollars for male dogs and $74 for females. Click here for the Humane Society's hours.

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