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Eating A LOT for charity at the MN State Fair

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Mandy Colten's New Year's resolution was to eat every single Minnesota State Fair food on a stick.  She's doing it all in the name of charity.  

Paying five dollars to eat a breakfast sausage on a stick seems simple enough.  But for Mandy, this simple act is one bite closer to an impressive feat.

"I started out with 15-16 items a day and have tapered it back to 10-12, so that's more manageable," Colten said.

Mandy is eating her way through the state fair and ordering every single food on a stick. 

"There's around 100.  It's kind of hard to get a good list," Colten said.

Chan's Chicken on a Stick is number 96, a welcome break from the sweet and deep fried.

The rules are simple.  The food must be on a stick and must be finished at the fair.  She had to improvise with the jawbreaker candy.

"I did the same thing with the lollipop.  It is in a lot of pieces right now," Colten explained.

This is not gluttony run amuck.  Her mass consumption will ultimately help the Make a Wish Foundation. 

"It turned into something more than I thought it would, and any proceeds are going to go to a good cause helping kids' dreams come true," Colten said.

Each food along with recommendations is documented for the social media world.  Through Twitter she's built a following with the hope they'll then donate. 

"It kind of turned into a little bit more, people were interested in the story, people thought I was really cool, some people thought I was a little crazy," said Colten.

Five to six-thousand calories a day at times have taken a toll. 

"I feel very sluggish. I'm a clean eater in the state fair off-season, so I've been a little bogged down, just a little bit slower," Colten explained.

Now, she's just two foods from her goal. 

"I'm going to save beer and the corn dog for my last hurrah," Colten said.

Overindulgence has never been so rewarding.

"I'm kind of just looking forward to say I did it," said Colten.

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