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In neighborhood rattled by violence, community comes together for Dirt Bowl

Dirt Bowl Commissioner Neal Robertson Dirt Bowl Commissioner Neal Robertson
Deshondre Watters Deshondre Watters

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A violent act on Wednesday - the killing of a toddler and wounding of her mother outside a home - rattled a neighborhood. They rallied for peace this Labor Day weekend.

Several efforts by activists throughout the weekend aimed to convince others to do something to stop the killing.

On Sunday, a pick-up game was held at Shawnee Park for a neighborhood in desperate need of a pick-me-up.

"Based on everything that's been going on in our community, it makes me feel good," Dirt Bowl Commissioner Neal Robertson said.

For four decades the championship has brought neighbors together.

"It's pretty cool to see, you know what I mean, everybody come together for something besides a tragedy," a player in the tournament, Deshondre Watters, explained.

From the court to the street, teams faced a storm Saturday where gunfire echoed a few days before. Community activists asked frustrated neighbors what they wanted to see change. Some were skeptical.

"That baby is just as dead,” one angry neighbor told the activists when they knocked on her door before asking them to leave. “If you can't get them to do their job,” she said while pointing to a police officer, “this is not going to help."

The group took down notes before taking their message one step further. They also hosted a radio show.

"This can be a call to action that will generate real results," one man said over the air. It was a plea to reject the violence after an innocent life is lost.

"When you kill a one year old baby, the gloves are off," the host said.

They took to the airways, the streets and to the court, tipping off for change.

The first Dirt Bowl was held 44 years ago, just after the height of the Civil Rights Movement. According to the Mayor's office it was created back then to bring families together for the good of the neighborhood.

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