Taking a Stand: Honor Flight

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - I'm here today to let the Tri-State know that the first Honor Flight out of your airport is indeed going to happen on Saturday, October 25th.

As the chairman of the Indy Honor Flight program I can speak for the entire network when I say that the residents of this community should be commended.

Just three short months ago I was approached by a handful of citizens from the area who had formed a committee to fly a charter directly from Evansville to our nation's capitol.

We've flown multiple flights to date out of Indy and have had Evansville Veterans of WWII join us on each but the problem is that they needed to drive all the way to Indy and then stay in a hotel for two nights which was simply too much for many of these aging Veterans who now average 90 years old.

So after working with the committee we have agreed that rather than have our Veterans come up to Indy we're simply bringing the Honor Flight to them!

We have rounded up more than enough Veterans, Guardians (who assist the Veterans) and the funds to make this flight possible.

The committee has done an incredible job of getting the word out there and the applications have come pouring in.

We of course need donations in order to fly this first batch of 70 Heroes and companies such as Atlas have stepped up and made generous donations because they realize that not only is this mission incredibly important but also that timing is critical.

While the flight on October 25th is indeed full we're still urging people to sign up for future flights as this effort will continue for as long as the community supports it.

While applicants who sign up in the coming weeks will not be flying with us in the Fall they will be considered for a Spring flight with a date to be determined over the Winter.

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