Financial woes, job cuts for Muhlenberg Co. School District

MUHLENBERG CO., KY (WFIE) - Officials with the Muhlenberg County Board of Education have announced an immediate hiring and spending freeze, along with job cuts in the future, to address what they're calling major financial concerns.

"That is to address obvious needs that we have to save money right now, not next year, right now," says Financial Director Jeff Travis.

School district officials say in 2005, the district had $25 million in reserves.

Now that's down to around $4 million.

Travis says a $1.3 million decrease in funding from the Tennessee Valley Authority, coupled with over-staffing of around 100 employees has forced the district to take drastic measures.

"In order to make sure we get through this year, if we don't do stuff like that then our district will be in trouble."

Travis says the district doesn't know how many non-tenured staff will be given a pink slip yet.

"Very unfortunate but now we're to the point where it's going to affect lives and that's sad."

The district has asked for $5.2 million in bonds from the Kentucky Department of Education to cover the new tech career center being built at Muhlenberg West High School.

Travis says cutbacks also include no new bus purchases, a reduction in the number of field trips for students, and the ballpark project at Bremen Elementary is on hold.

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