A/C's cranking up, breaking down as temps rise

A/C's cranking up, breaking down as temps rise

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - With heat indexes ranging between 100 to 105 degrees, many people are finding that their air conditioning units just can't keep up.

J.E. Shekell Heating and Air in Evansville says they've been seeing an increase in service calls over the last week and they expect that to continue this week.

Their service technicians have packed schedules. Some have to show up at work as early as 5:45 a.m. to load up and head out.

Since the techs are working in the heat to protect people from it, J.E. Shekell sends them each out with a 3-gallon container of water or Gatorade.

Service Scheduling Coordinator Herb Nunley says if you go to the register and feel like the air coming out isn't cold, you could have a problem.

If the filter's dirty, Nunley says that's a problem you can fix by changing it before it causes a large-scale issue.

Nunley also shares a few tips for routine maintenance to prevent a breakdown. "Change your filter, of course once a month," Nunley says. "Or if you have a Space-Gard filter, change it every year. Get the unit serviced, make sure it gets washed out, cleaned out. Get frion levels checked out and everything. Basically routine maintenance would save you a lot of problems throughout the year."

Nunley also says it's important during high-heat days to check your thermostat and make sure your indoor temperature is holding before leaving the house in the morning.

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