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Plans for new First Christian Church shown to congregation

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The Plans for a new First Christian Church are shown to the congregation for the very first time Sunday.

The old church caught fire after it was stuck by lightening in March of last year and since then the congregation hasn't had a true place to call home.

The people of this church congregation can now picture what their new home will look like when it opens around Easter of 2016. 

Around 300 people attended a special service at the Owensboro Convention Center, all of them members of First Christian Church and all of them excited to see the drawings of their future home.  

The new church will be built at the old location on JR Miller Boulevard and East 7th Street in the shape of a cross.  

It will incorporate some aspects of the old church but it will be multi functional and energy efficient.  

One of the church leaders on the project says it will cost just over $7-million, money that comes entirely from the insurance settlement.

"Today's definitely a milestone," says the chairman of church exploring team Stuart Gant. "It's not the end all cure all but it's something I think the congregation needed to see where we were and where we are going so it's a milestone but like we said earlier there's a lot of days, many months, and time left until we get to the finish line."

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