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NWS rules recent storm system in Hopkins Co. a microburst

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A storm system that damaged and flooded parts of the Tri-State left it's mark on Hopkins County.

National Weather Service says a microburst hit the southern edge of Madisonville this past Sunday.

Hopkins County EMA tells us that a microburst isn't a tornado since there is no wind rotation but it's a concentrated column of downward sinking air.

The National Weather service says that a microburst with 75 mph winds hit along Highway 41 at about 3:55 Sunday afternoon.  

It lasted for about two minutes and spanned a 500 by 500 yard area.

"Downdraft of air that hits the ground in one little spot, kind of fans out from there," says Nick Bailey with Hopkins County EMA. "And that's the reason the damage is very localized versus widespread where you would have in straight line winds."

We know that four businesses and homes sustained damage.

Roof shingles were blown off and some larger tree limbs ripped down but luckily there were no injuries.

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