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WWII bombers reunion


Two World War II vets in Florida recently found out they're the last surviving members of a flight crew over Belgium in 1945.

Sam Kessler and Harvey Stamper hadn't seen each other since the war.

They were on a mission over in a B24 called the "Pale Ale".

Both men bailed out when the plane experienced problems.

"The fun and games came about half way down, and I look up to my left and here's a group of B17's coming at me," said Harvey Stamper, WWII Vet.

Kessler was injured on the way down.

"He hit a church. A steeple," said Stamper.

"I know that I was in the hospital 3 to 4 days," said Kessler.

Both men went their separate ways after the war, then all these years later, Kessler's nephew and grandson conducted some research about the Pale Ale and its crew.

They learned that just hours separated the men in Florida and they knew they had to meet and reminisce nearly 70 years later.

They reunited and enjoyed some time catching up.

Kessler's grandson Shaun presented the men with a piece of the engine and dirt from the wreckage site of the doomed B24, sent from a historian.

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