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Missing Tri-State women gain national attention

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Four Tri-State missing around the same time is enough to cause concern and create headlines.

Two of the most recent cases are in the national spotlight.

Huffington Post wrote an article about Joelle Lockwood and Kristy Kelley. Both are local moms who are missing.

The article asks if there's a possible connection in their disappearances.

Local authorities have told us that probably isn't the case, but that they can't rule anything out.

Nancy Grace profiled the case of Kristy Kelley on her national show on Monday and Tuesday.

On the show, she questioned both Kristy's father and Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse about Kristy's sudden disappearance after leaving a Boonville VFW Post.

The following is a conversation during The Nancy Grace Show:

Nancy Grace: "Todd Scales, Kristy's father, I don't understand. You're one mile apart from the VFW and the home and she's spotted en-route on the church, the church has surveillance video, they spot her going by. Okay? How did she get lost in a half a mile?"

Todd Scales: "That is a question we'd like an answer to."

Grace: "And what about, Sheriff Kruse, what about her cell phone?"

You're saying she is apart from her cell phone?"

Sheriff Brett Kruse: "Yes, the cell phone was located at the VFW hall."

Grace: "So, she left that behind?"

Kruse: "Apparently."

Sheriff Kruse asked Boonville business owners to check their surveillance video from early Friday morning.

Kelley was last seen driving a 2003 silver Nissan Xterra.

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