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EPD looking to get new system that detects gun shots in city

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The Evansville Police Department needs city council to approve $210,000 for a new system called 'Shot Spotter'.

It's a hefty price tag, but authorities say it's necessary to curb the gun violence in the city.

Based on the shots fired map, Evansville Police will choose an area roughly four square miles in size.

Microphones will be placed throughout the area on telephone poles, buildings, and surrounding infrastructure.

When a gun is fired, the microphones identify the exact location of the shot and that information is immediately dispatched to patrol officers.

The software can differentiate between gun shots, fireworks, and other loud sounds, but the technology takes it a step further.

"It can also differentiate between the caliber of the gun shots going off," said Sgt. Jason Cullum. "If you have somebody that's in a vehicle or running and firing shots, it will tell you which directions they are running as the gun shots are going off. If you get multiple people firing guns, it tells you that you've got multiple people. It doesn't just say, hey, you've got 15 gun shots. It tells you, you've got 7 from one and 8 from another, so you know you're probably looking for 2 people, you may be driving in to a gun fight."

EPD say more than 30 people have been shot this year, and they've taken more than 250 guns off the street.

They will present their needs to the city council later this week.

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