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Commission has first reading of amended ordinance

The Owensboro City Commission met at a special called meeting Monday afternoon to hear the first reading on an amended proposed smoking ban ordinance. 

The banning of electronic cigarettes in city parks, outdoor dining areas, or properties owned by the city, has been removed from the proposed smoking ban ordinance. If the proposed ordinance will still be allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes in public. Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne says electronic cigarettes were removed from the ordinance because he says there isn't enough information to know if its vapor poses a public health danger like second hand smoke. "If later on it was determined they do propose a health threat then we will amend that ordinance and exclude those just like we do cigarettes," said Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne.

The Owensboro City Commission will have second reading on the ordinance tomorrow evening and a vote is now expected.

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