Man creates unique sign to discourage illegal parking

In Owensboro, a neighbor upset over where parents are parking after school has posted a sign in his yard that has caught their attention. Les Cox lives behind Sutton Elementary School.  Parents line up and down Sunset Drive picking up kids and they sometimes block his neighbors driveways.

Cox says his sister-in-law was trying to get to the hospital when she was blocked in her own driveway on Sunset Drive for 30 minutes. Cox says he thought that was ridiculous and posted a sign in his front yard to discourage people from blocking driveways and to show off his fun sense of humor. The sign says it's against the law to block driveways and two police officers, three retired dysfunctional soldiers, a US Marshall, four crazy cat ladies, and a very grumpy gun toting bipolar neighbor with cameras and an aluminum hat all live on the street. Cox says his neighbors love the sign and it has helped stop people from blocking his driveway. Cox says he plans to leave the sign up until he goes back to work.