Taking a Stand: Social Media

Taking a Stand: Social Media

(WFIE) - Social media provides dynamic ways for us to communicate.

Unfortunately, they also provide an opportunity for people to say things that they would never say to your face.

This message was recently sent to 14News via our Facebook page:

"I have tried very hard to keep my comments civil but it's getting very hard to do when people call me stupid, ignorant, that I should feel guilty, among other things… I try to be civil and honest with my opinion but obviously others don't feel they have to."

Due to the sheer volume of posts and comments on our social media pages every day we cannot guarantee we will catch every offensive comment but we will act when some violates Facebook's commenting policy and certainly if they are brought to our attention.

Aside from such obvious violations, what constitutes an offensive comment is subjective.

The fact is, we feel you should be able to express your opinion - whether others agree with it or not.

The real problem is the loss of being civil in general online and in social media on our sites and everywhere on the Internet.

Because comments can be posted anonymously, some people feel it gives them the forum to say whatever they want, any way they want, and that's a shame.

We feel social media is a powerful and valuable way to share thoughts, feedback and ideas, and it's here to stay.

We hope more people sharing their opinions will set a good example by doing so in a constructive and civil way.

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