Shake-Ups at Red Bank Nursing Home in Henderson

Officials at Red Bank Nursing home say Executive Director, Mark Chumbler, and the director of operations are no longer working there.

Red Bank staff say it doesn't affect any of the residents living there.

Last week board members Joan Hoffman and Doug Bell resigned.

Neither could speak on camera but sent us a statement saying their resignation "stemmed from a long standing concern over the manner in which the board conducted its business."

Henderson County Judge Executive, Hugh McCormick, says the nursing home has been a big part of the community and hopes whatever's going on will be fixed.

"We need to find out whatever the problems are, you know, lets get it fixed, lets change, whatever has to be done, the remedies that need to be solved, lets go for it, lets get it done. The main thing is to take care of our senior citizens and our employees that's working there," says McCormick.

Bell and Hoffman continued in their statement saying their reason to resign was no way connected to former executive director Mark Chumbler.

In fact they praised Chumbler as the director in their statement.

This is a story we'll continue to follow.

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