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Next months Patriot Days Festival Canceled

Recent vandalism at Yellow Creek Park has forced Friends of Pioneer Village to cancel next month's Patriot Days festival. Detectives say several buildings at the park were broken into, a picnic table was set on fire, and a suspicious fire damaged a log barn. Festival organizers say they're concerned about the escalating vandalism. Organizers want to put a stop to the vandalism and say funds that were going to be used for the festival will be given to the county, sheriff's office, crime stoppers, and other local organizations to invest in security at Pioneer Village. Some of the ideas being discussed are investing in security cameras and rewards.

"The significance of the damage, the on going nature of it, made us as a group of Friends of Pioneer Village decide we need to make some kind of statement and get out ahead in the security situation," Sean Dysinger, Friends of Pioneer Village.

There are still going to be re-enactors out here at Pioneer Village September 19th-21st teaching people about the history of the village.

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