Woman arrested after falsely reporting murder of sister for 5th time

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - A Madisonville woman is behind bars after falsely reporting the rape and murder of her sister, for the fifth time in a year.

Police were dispatched to 384 Thompson Avenue after reports say 53-year-old Victoria Vaden reported her sister was kidnapped, raped, slapped, and murdered.

Police reports indicate Vaden had called 911 for the same reason four times in the past year.  Each time she has been arrested and lodged in the Hopkins County Jail for falsely reporting an incident.

Vaden told authorities she thought she had seen her sister, who she hadn't seen in 14 years, get into a van.  She then stated she knows that the people in the van raped and killed her sister.

Police reports say authorities gave Vaden verbal warnings to not falsely report incidents and she continued.  Officials say Vaden became very loud and was placed under arrest and lodged in the Hopkins County Jail.

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